Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost

Extracting wisdom teeth isn’t always necessary. If these teeth, situated at the rear of your mouth, can develop without causing harm to nearby tissues or teeth, extraction may not be needed. However, this scenario is less common, and many people require their wisdom teeth to be removed.

Wisdom teeth typically develop between the ages of 17 and 25. Depending on the available space in the mouth during this period, the wisdom tooth may erupt partially, completely, or not at all. This situation, known as tooth impaction, often requires extraction if the tooth begins to affect other oral structures.

In cases of impaction, the permanent molars lack the space to grow normally and can become disfigured. They may begin to grow at an angle to the adjacent tooth or move towards the rear of the mouth, causing discomfort to the inner cheek muscles and tongue.

In addition to pain, a wisdom tooth can potentially cause decay in neighboring teeth. Food trapped under the gum flap covering a partially erupted wisdom tooth can cause inflammation, leading to a condition known as pericoronitis. Delayed removal of these teeth can lead to cyst formation or severe infection, hence the recommendation for early extraction.

In USA, it will range within $200 to $1000

Recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction usually takes three to four days. The surgical site should stop bleeding within 24 hours post-operation. If bleeding persists, it is vital to consult your dentist promptly. To ensure a speedy recovery, avoid using straws or smoking for a few weeks and perform warm saline rinses twice daily for a week following the extraction.